Rainbow Flowers Collection Diamond Art Painting Kit - DiamondArtGifts Daisy / Square-30x30cm
Rainbow Flowers Collection Diamond Art Painting Kit - DiamondArtGifts
Rainbow Flowers Collection Diamond Art Painting Kit - DiamondArtGifts Rose / Square-30x30cm
Rainbow Flowers Collection Diamond Art Painting Kit - DiamondArtGifts

Rainbow Flowers Collection Diamond Art Painting Kit

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New to Diamond Painting and just starting out?  

Are you a seasoned Diamond Painting pro looking for new designs and a better customer experience?

Diamond Art Gifts has what you need:  

Each of our premium quality Diamond Painting Kits comes in 2 to 4 different sizes. We have smaller sizes perfect for newcomers, larger sizes for more of a challenge, and we offer each painting in both round or square diamonds (also known as drills). Besides high quality kits, in multiple sizes and shapes, our professional U.S. based support is happy to answer any questions you have in order to make your shopping experience the best possible.

All of our Kits are "Full Drill" and "Poured Glue". All of our kits include all quality tools to complete your new diamond painting kit.

Diamond Art is a unique form of painting and often leaves the viewer awestruck. Prepare to awe and inspire with this gorgeous diamond painting kit!

Product Details:

  • Canvas Material: Durable Textured Resin
  • Adhesive Area: Full
  • Adhesive Type: Poured Glue
  • External Packaging: Sturdy 9-Layer Crushproof Cardboard Box (>30cm) or Safe Bubble Pack (=<30cm)
  • Canvas Packing Method: Rolled (to prevent creasing)
  • Frame: No
  • Number of Colors: 30-45
  • Contents: Tools, Color Diamonds, HD Canvas
  • Tools: Two Diamond Pen Applicator Tools, 3, 6 ,9 Diamond Tips, Pink or Blue Wax, Tray, Finger Protector, Several Bags for Storage.
  • Theme: 5D DIY Diamond Embroidery
  • Image Clarity: While smaller sizes (20x30cm and below) are great for beginners we recommend larger size designs for the most clarity and definition. Please order size for the Best Quality Image that you require.
  • Drill Shape: All painting kits are available in square or round, if you do not see the shape you want during product selection, just specify shape in notes during checkout and we will make it the way you wish.

Size Chart:

All Diamond Art Painting Kits are sized in centimeters. The size shown for each variant is the size of the width and height of the image on the canvas. For reference to inches, see below for common cm to inch conversions:

  • 20cm = 7.87in
  • 30cm = 11.8in
  • 40cm = 15.7in
  • 50cm = 19.6in
  • 60cm = 23.6in
  • 75cm = 29.5in

Round Drills vs Square:

For those who are new to painting with diamonds, consider starting your journey using round drills. Because the drill or "diamond" is round, it is easier to pick up with the diamond pen applicator tool, and it is also easier to complete a diamond painting without gaps or mismatched rows. The circular nature of the round drill provides a little margin for error in placement. 

More experienced crafters and cross-stitchers often find that working with square diamonds is a little more satisfying. Since square diamonds are angular, they require a little more precision when being placed on the canvas. Square diamonds are easier to pick up with tweezers, and diamond artists may find that they alternate between using tweezers and the diamond drill pen more often when using square drills. 

Why Diamond Art Painting?

  • Creative outlet that is hours of fun.
  • The "painting" motion is both relaxing and allows 
  • Relieves stress and take your mind off your day.
  • Allows for an artistic accomplishment.
  • Increases your level of concentration.
  • You'll end up with beautiful art that can be framed and hung. 

Why DiamondArtGifts.com?

  • We offer only High Quality kits packed for safe delivery.
  • Each Product is Quality Control Inspected.
  • Wide selection of canvas sizes and drill shapes.
  • Each order contains everything you need to get started; multiple pens, multiple tips, finger protector, multiple glue pads, collection bags and tray.
  • Free replacement drills for customers who misplace or lose them.
  • United States based Customer Support. 


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