Diamond Painting Photo Custom - DiamondArtGifts
Diamond Painting Photo Custom - DiamondArtGifts
Diamond Painting Photo Custom - DiamondArtGifts
Diamond Painting Photo Custom - DiamondArtGifts
Diamond Painting Photo Custom - DiamondArtGifts

Diamond Painting Photo Custom

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Provide your own High Resolution image and we'll put it onto a kit for you!

The ultimate Diamond Art Painting Kit is one using your own custom photo. Capture that precious moment by turning it into a custom diamond art painting. It will both adorn your wall and bring out your best artistic ability. When you put this together with your own hands and put your time and attention to detail into creating this masterpiece, it is likely to be close to your heart for a long time- or even forever. You can choose this theme or many others and let your artistic flair thrive, or gift it to someone special.

Custom Photos are available in four aspect ratios depending on the shape of your photo. 

Let us take the guess work out of sizing:

Important: Before you place an order, please email the photo to custom@diamondartgifts.com prior to ordering.  The graphic designer will provide a sample of the image as it will appear on the canvas back to you, and advise on the size canvas for the image.  You will have no obligation to buy, but we want you to receive the best product, and taking this step avoids ordering the wrong dimensions.  We will not print images in non-approved or non-recommended sizes. Our name is on each canvas and we must maintain the quality of the brand.


Product Details: 
Material: Resin
Pattern Type: European and American
Form: Three-dimensional
Pasting Area: Full
External Packaging: Sturdy Cardboard Box and Bubble Wrap
Canvas Packing Method: Rolled
Frame: No
Number of Colors: Dependant on custom photo.
Contents: Tools, Color Diamonds, HD Canvas
Tools: Two Pens, 3,6,9 Drills Tips,Wax, Tray, Finger protector
Fabric Type: Canvas
Theme: 5D DIY Diamond Embroidery
Definition: Largest Size Provides the Best Quality Image 

Because of the customized nature of this product, it does not qualify for returns.


Why Diamond Art Painting?

  • Creative outlet that is easy to begin.
  • Repetitive motion is both relaxing and allows focus
  • Relieves stress and allows for focus of attention.
  • Increases your level of concentration.
  • You'll end up with beautiful art that can be framed and hung.


Why DiamondArtGifts.com?

  • When you want to give the very best Diamond Art gift to yourself or a loved one:
  • We offer only High Quality Canvas packed for safe delivery.
  • Wide selection of canvas sizes and drill shapes.
  • Over 87% of art delivered from US based warehouse.
  • Each order includes quality tool set including; multiple pens, multiple tips, finger protector, multiple glue pads, collection bags and tray.
  • Free replacement drills for customers who misplace or lose them.


Round Drills vs Square?

For those who are new to painting with diamonds, consider starting your journey using round drills. Because the drill or "diamond" is round, it is easier to pick up with the diamond pen applicator tool, and it is also easier to complete a diamond painting without gaps or mismatched rows. The circular nature of the round drill provides a little margin for error in placement. 

More experienced crafters and cross stitchers often find that working with square diamonds is a little more satisfying. Since square diamonds are angular, they require a little more precision when being placed on the canvas. Square diamonds are easier to pick up with tweezers, and diamond artists may find that they alternate between using tweezers and the diamond drill pen more often when using square drills. 

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